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Quantum computers
 …  The surprise is that those claims are now starting to seem a lot more plausible — and perhaps even too conservative.
 …  more spectacular than anything we can imagine today
 …  the difficulty of building the hardware itself
 …  The quantum rules of this evolution allow the qubits to interact to perform computations that are, in practical terms, impossible using classical computers.
 …  decoherence
 …  a large proportion of the qubits to error-correction routines
 …  The world’s largest quantum computer in terms of qubits is IBM’s Osprey, which has 433. But even with 2 million qubits
 …  simulating the singlet and triplet states of a single oxygen molecule
 …  something useful in the next five years, it will be chemistry calculations
 …  with quantum versions of machine learning, the huge range of different states open to quantum particles means that the routines could require fewer parameters and much less training data /23-05-31