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post-theory science?
 …  machine learning
 …  F=ma
 …  Facebook’s machine learning tools predict your preferences better than any psychologist.
 …  AlphaFold .. has produced the most accurate predictions yet of protein structures
 …  why they work .. no explanation, no set of rules
 …  So much data had accumulated .. finding relationships
 …  the old scientific method – hypothesise, predict, test – would be relegated to the dustbin of history
 …  computational neuroscientist
 …  theory refuses to die
 …  what’s the best way to acquire knowledge and where does science go from here?
 …  humans turn out to be deeply uncomfortable with theory-free science
 …  We don’t like dealing with a black box – we want to know why.
 …  What AlphaFold does is also discovery
 …  datasets are biased, because scientists don’t collect data evenly or neutrally
 …  humans are biased too and, unlike AIs, in ways that are very hard to interrogate or correct
 …  “Explainable AI”, which addresses how to bridge the interpretability gap /22-01-12