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Prof. Tomasz Goslar, "Polski Nobel" 2014 w obszarze nauk o życiu i o Ziemi nagrodzono prof. Tomasza Goslara z Uniwersytetu im. Adama Mickiewicza w Poznaniu za kluczowy dla współczesnych badań klimatycznych wkład w ustalenie chronologii zmian stężenia izotopu węgla C14 w atmosferze podczas ostatniego zlodowacenia. Laureat jest światowej klasy ekspertem w dziedzinie badań najmłodszego czwartorzędu: okresu, który rozpoczął się 2,58 mln lat temu i trwa do dziś. "Wyniki interdyscyplinarnych badań prof. Goslara i zaproponowane przez niego nowe rozwiązania metodologiczne są niezwykle istotne dla badań np. nad szybkością reakcji ekosystemów na zmiany klimatu. Mają także istotny wpływ na wiele dziedzin, geologię mórz, heliofizykę, paleobiologię i modelowanie klimatu"
Prof. Tomasz Goslar, Polski Nobel 2014


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Radical theory ... A quantum world arising from many ordinary ones ... It is a fundamental shift from previous quantum interpretations ... ‘many worlds’ approach, pioneered by the US theorist Hugh Everett III in the 1950s, relies on the worlds branching out independently from one another, and not interacting at all ... By contrast, ... 'many interacting worlds' approach. /14-10-25

Super-Intelligent Humans Are Coming Genetic engineering will one day create the smartest humans who have ever lived. ... The genetic study of cognitive ability suggests that there exist today variations in human DNA which, if combined in an ideal fashion, could lead to individuals with intelligence that is qualitatively higher ... we should add super-geniuses to mammoths on the list of wonders to be produced in the new genomic age. ... The corresponding ethical issues are complex ... the rich and powerful will be the first beneficiaries. ... inequality of a kind never before experienced in human history. /14-10-22

Brain on Metaphors ... as anti-Platonic as it’s possible to get. It undermines the argument that human minds can reveal transcendent truths about reality in transparent language. /14-10-16

Universities must modify ... Whatever a university looks like today, it seems certain that the universities of 2030 will look very different. ... First, universities are educating more people. ... The second shift is out of the ivory tower. ... The newest challenge is a reassessment of how learning and innovation happen, and how they should be delivered. ... the very foundations of the centuries-old university concept are under attack as never before. /14-10-16

Hatsune Miku Live Party 2013 in Kansai /14-10-10

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) ... student may have thought he’d understood it at the time, and perhaps he did, but he’d never practiced using the concept to truly internalize it. ... The problem with focusing relentlessly on understanding is that math and science students can often grasp essentials of an important idea, but this understanding can quickly slip away without consolidation through practice and repetition. Worse, students often believe they understand something when, in fact, they don’t. By championing the importance of understanding, teachers can inadvertently set their students up for failure as those students blunder in illusions of competence. ... interesting connection between learning math and science, and learning a sport. /14-10-09

The Man with the Beautiful Eyes vimeo /14-10-09

Lady Luck ... randomness is a major component of reality ... a random event is often described as meaningless, and therefore only a source of inconvenience or tragedy. ... Perhaps the freedom of the will can be found in randomness? Some neuroscientists seems to think so. ... And perhaps having a will requires throwing a little randomness into the mix. ... Randomness is whatever is left over when we have listed all the known patterns in the universe. ... your self is an illusion. /14-10-06

Without hesitation, Desimone replied that the mystery of consciousness was overrated. As we learn more about the detailed mechanisms in the brain, the question of ‘What is consciousness?’ will fade away into irrelevancy and abstraction,” he said. /14-10-03

God, Darwin ... Gould Noma God might well have used evolution by natural selection to produce his creation. ... no literally supernatural trait has ever been found in Homo sapiens; we are perfectly good animals, ... human beings, are produced by a natural, totally amoral process, /14-10-01

Steven Pinker The Sense of Style: The Thinking Person’s Guide to Writing in the 21st Century /14-09-27

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