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Cytaty, ostatni miesiąc  (tu są wszystkie, większą czcionką)

Babies are born helpless, which might explain why humans are so clever  …  Human intelligence is a biological mystery  …  much cleverer than their closest living relatives, the chimpanzees, they are also much cleverer than seems strictly necessary  …  to prove Pythagoras’s theorem  …  power-hungry brains suck up around a quarter of their body’s oxygen supplies  …  Perhaps intelligence is a result of sexual selection  …  it is an ornament that, by virtue of being expensive to own, proves its bearers’ fitness  …  simply humanity’s good fortune  …  Another idea is that human cleverness arose out of the mental demands of living in groups whose members are sometimes allies and sometimes rivals  …  another idea .. humans may have become so clever thanks to another evolutionarily odd characteristic: namely that their babies are so helpless  …  feedback loop, in which the pressure for clever parents requires ever-more incompetent infants /16-05-30

A molecule made by trees can seed clouds, suggesting that pre-industrial skies were less sunny than thought  …  the masking effect, and in turn the warming effects of carbon dioxide, might have been overestimated  …  Cosmics Leaving Outdoor Droplets (CLOUD)  …  to speculate whether trees emit these compounds in part because there is a benefit to them in making their own climate  …  This really does touch on the Gaia hypothesis /Nature/16-05-26

Bridge Finite-Infinite Divide  …  A surprising new proof is helping to connect the mathematics of infinity to the physical world  …  infinite objects exist  …  Ramsey’s theorem for pairs  …  RT22  …  finitistically reducible  …  partial realization of Hilbert’s program  …  to weave infinity completely into the fold of finitistic mathematics  …  Banach-Tarski paradox  …  does mathematics ultimately have its roots in reality?  …  the paradise which Cantor has created for us  …  Kurt Gödel  …  When looking for a set of axioms that yield all true mathematical statements and never contradict themselves, you always need another axiom  …  between the idealization and the concrete realizations  …  infinite sets exist insofar as we know how to reason about them  …  how exactly do they play a role? And what is the connection?  …  mathematicians and philosophers  …  the picture has gotten quite complicated /16-05-26

Christian preacher who became an atheist  …  a self-proclaimed "extremist", Dan Barker  …  66-year-old now defends a life free of any supernatural authority  …  I would counsel people to pray for healing. That’s dangerous.  …  God: the Most Unpleasant Character in All Fiction  …  The God Delusion  …  Religion is really a tool to control  …  I believed that a snake spoke human language. I believed that a fish swallowed a human being. It was stupid. Something happens to the brain. You get delusional.  …  “The non-religious, the secular, the freethinker. When are we going to be taken seriously enough, when right now about a quarter of our population on this continent is thoroughly non-religious?” /16-05-25

Homo Sapiens 2.0  …  We need a species-wide conversation about the future of human genetic enhancement  …  After 4 billion years of evolution by one set of rules, our species is about to begin evolving by another.  …  everybody wants to have cancers cured  …  want to live longer, healthier  …  what it means to be human  …  the revolution has already begun  …  inevitable. Timing is the only variable  …  In our world of exponential scientific advancement  …  the first state-authorized genetically altered babies will be born in the UK later this year  …  Preimplantation genetic selection  …  The genetics of intelligence, for example, is influenced by thousands of genes.  …  we’ll be able to predict people’s IQs from their genomes with significant accuracy within a decade  …  Olympic sprinters or winners of the Fields Medal  …  CRISPR  …  conflicts between groups and countries, the potential dangers to the species as a whole are also very real  …  dangerous genetic monoculture  …  But the alternative is far worse. /Kurtzweil/16-05-20

kant  …  the absurdity of equating Soviet Marxism with Marx  …  Fichte being the key  …  Kant’s idea of natural religion  …  is Kantianism now the default position of most contemporary ethics?  …  the Truth about ethics was some form of utilitarianism  …  deontology  …  Rawls is the greatest  …  rational intuitionism  …  Kant was a constructivist about mathematics, but not about ethics.  …  a set of moral “facts” that are independent of our procedures in making decisions  …  Our procedures of deliberation are not ways of finding out independent moral truths but instead ways of “constructing” these truths, in the process of deciding what to do.  …  what we ought to do  …  Formula of the Law of Nature  …  the general conditions of human life  …  judgment as a special faculty or talent of the mind  …  formula whose validity is equated with our freedom  …  it does not “divide the heart from the head”  …  Kant does not think that any being, not God, not we ourselves, authors or legislates  …  “lies in the nature of things, the essence of things.”  …  central to morality is rational self-constraint (acting from duty)  …  how freedom is possible is a deep philosophical problem  …  I don’t think Kant’s approach to religion is any longer viable in its original form.  …  the general happiness (or whatever the end is)  …  We can’t coherently deny, or even decline to affirm, that we are free.  …  “Freedom can never be comprehended, nor even can insight into it be gained” /16-05-09

measure prosperity  …  WHICH would you prefer to be: a medieval monarch or a modern office-worker?  …  gross domestic product (GDP)  …  Faulty speedometer  …  its original purpose was to measure the economy’s capacity to produce  …  Stop counting, start grading  …  GDP-plus  …  inclusion in GDP of unpaid work in the home  …  measure changes in the quality of services  …  skills, brands, designs, scientific ideas and online networks—would all be valued /16-05-08

quantum computer available for anyone to play with  …  May 4th, IBM announced  …  power comes from two counterintuitive phenomena: superposition and entanglement  …  IBM’s current offering is a five-qubit processor  …  and the chip will execute it  …  quantum computers answer questions probabilistically rather than definitel  …  they are unlikely ever to fit on a desktop or into a smartphone /16-05-08

you’re a mindless robot with no free will  …  we may confabulate reality and rationalize irrational behavior  …  what we believe to be a conscious choice may actually be constructed, or confabulated, unconsciously after we act — to rationalize our decisions. A trick of the mind. /16-05-08

Human embryos grown in lab for longer than ever before  …  up to 13 days after fertilization  …  reignite ethical debate  …  ban research on human embryos that are more than 14 days old  …  we know more about fish and mice and frogs than we know about ourselves  …  human embryos donated by an in vitro fertilization (IVF) clinic  …  using data from a 1956 study  …  have identified a group of cells that shows up in the embryo around day 10 and disappears around day 12 .. This is like discovering a new organ in your body  …  The implantation process is a big black box  …  14 days marks the beginning of gastrulation in humans. It is also around the latest point at which an embryo can split into identical twins. After this time, the logic goes, a unique individual comes into being. /Nature/16-05-08

Standard Model  …  The basic ingredients of the Standard Model are easy to list, though understanding their properties is more difficult.  …  Three pairs of quark fields, three pairs of lepton fields, three interaction fields, plus the Higgs field: that’s it  …  the differences between matter and force, and between matter and antimatter  …  the spin-statistics theorem. I’ve wracked my brain trying to come up with an intuitive explanation of it, to no avail  …  bosons can collapse down to a small region. Thus, matter is made of fermions.  …  All the matter you see and experience is made up of these three fermions.  …  The world is made up of quantum fields, and particles are the excitations of quantum fields.  …  The excitations of quantum fields have spin (intrinsic angular momentum).  …  Some excitations have half-integer spin: these particles are called fermions.  …  Some excitations have integer spin: these particles are called bosons.  …  Fermions obey the Pauli Exclusion Principle, which means they cannot be in the same state (including the same place at the same time).  …  Bosons do not obey the Pauli Exclusion Principle, which means they can be in the same state (including piling up in the same place).  …  Leptons (including electrons) and quarks are fermions; photons, gluons, and W/Z particles are bosons, as is the Higgs boson.  …  not much of the antimatter type. Why is that?  …  quark. There is no known pattern that explains the differences in the masses.  …  there is a symmetry of Nature  …  Forces are local symmetries in action  …  we have no idea why they have this color or this symmetry  …  I find that rather strange and wonderful to think about /16-05-06

Is treasure buried beneath the mountains of Poland?  …  the Nazis still considered Lower Silesia to be safe ground /16-05-05

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