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Pilsko z Jerzmanowic

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... there is no such thing as a free market /14-07-21

A call for mental-health science. Clinicians and neuroscientists must work together to understand and improve psychological treatments ... It is time to use science to advance the psychological, not just the pharmaceutical, treatment of those with mental-health problems. ... Interdisciplinary communication is a problem. /14-07-20

What is wisdom? When people are asked what they’d like in life they typically respond that they want to be happy. Wisdom, which we might think of as a remote and highfalutin concept, is not such a popular answer. ... Wisdom is not something that automatically comes with the passing years. ... /14-07-20

Art ... to science ... to fully articulate and understand turbulence we need to add the intuitive, contemplative perspective of art to the detailed analysis of science. ... Heisenberg: "When I meet God, I am going to ask him two questions. Why relativity?, And why turbulence? I really believe he will have an answer for the first." /14-07-17

World Cup /14-07-12

Is there such a thing as the self? Most of us, when we look in the mirror, have a sense that behind the eyes looking back at us is a me-ish thing: a self. But this, we are increasingly told, is an illusion. ... According to philosophers, there is no "Cartesian ego" unifying our consciousness, no unchanging core of identity that makes us the same person from day to day; there is only an ever-shifting bundle of thoughts, feelings and memories. ... The Self Illusion ... The Ego Trick ... "I am essentially my brain" view ... (unless you’re one of those benighted people who believe in immaterial souls) ... It is your stream of consciousness that matters, regardless of its contents. That’s what makes you you. ... Yet even the humble roundworm C elegans, with its paltry 302 neurons and 2,462 synaptic connections, has a single neuron devoted to distinguishing its body from the rest of the world. "I think it’s fair to say that C elegans has a very primitive self-representation" comments the philosopher-neuroscientist Patricia Churchland—indeed, she adds, "a self." ... If the spectrum of selfhood begins with the roundworm, surely it ends with Proust /14-07-12

We dislike being alone with our thoughts ... many people would rather give themselves mild electric shocks than sit idly in a room for 15 minutes ... the discomfort comes from a lack of mental control ... "the disengaged mind" /14-07-06

On Doing Nothing It’s ironic for me to write about all the learning I accomplished in my time off, when that time was supposed to be about accomplishing nothing at all. In this sense, my mission to accomplish nothing ended in failure. /14-07-03

Sean Carroll: Why the Many-Worlds Formulation of Quantum Mechanics Is Probably Correct ... you create new universes from your iPhone. (Seriously.) ... multiple worlds automatically occur in quantum mechanics. They are an inevitable part of the formalism. /14-07-02

Empty Ideas by Peter Unger ... how little has been accomplished, or even attempted, in the core of academic philosophy ... "concretely substantial" and "concretely empty" ... by contrast with science, philosophy should offer no substantial thoughts ... little more than the semantics of ordinary words /14-07-01

Alan Turing /14-06-27

Connectomes:    -1-   -2-   -3-    -4-    -5-    /14-06-26

Fifty years ago, John Bell made metaphysics testable, but quantum scientists still dispute the implications. ... reality is irreducibly random, ... what ‘causation’ means /14-06-24

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