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Could AI be used to redistribute wealth justly?
 …  If AI rationally allocates resources through big data analysis, and if robust feedback loops can supplant the imperfections of “the invisible hand”
 …  a planned economy that actually works could at last be achievable.
 …  Marx .. to each according to their needs
 …  Even if there were the political will to have a machine guide .. to agree on what the ideal distribution of wealth would be.
 …  Basic Income
 …  Bill Gates’ proposed tax on robotic workers
 …  The advent of artificial intelligence offers us more freedom from work than our ancestors could have dreamed. /18-06-22

publish papers, typically the more the better
 …  independent, usually anonymous .. a quality-control process now known as peer review
 …  Experts debate how many journals falsely claim to engage in peer review.
 …  Cabells .. has compiled a blacklist .. 8,700 journals
 …  the number of articles published in questionable journals has ballooned from about 53,000 a year in 2010 to more than 400,000 today
 …  6% of academic papers by researchers in America appear in such journals
 …  many have stopped selling subscriptions. Instead, they charge authors
 …  This “open access” business model has the advantage of increasing the dissemination of knowledge, but it also risks corrupting the knowledge thus disseminated.
 …  What can be done about all this is hard to say.
 …  too many academic administrators have no research experience
 …  to abandon anonymous peer review altogether, and make the process open and transparent.
 …  a return to journal subscriptions. /18-06-22

DAR - Duchowa Adopcja Reprezentanta.
 …  Uruchamiamy ją specjalnie dla kadrowiczów i Adama Nawałki. Wystarczy, że klikniesz poniżej, a system losujący wyłoni piłkarza (lub trenera), któremu możesz szczególnie towarzyszyć przez cały turniej.
 …  Dobrze wiemy, że najlepszą pomocą jest modlitwa .. odmawiaj ją każdego dnia
 …  Modlitwa kibica
 …  Panie Boże, chcę prosić za zawodników mojej ulubionej drużyny.
 …  Szczególnie proszę Cię za [tu wymień wylosowanego reprezentanta]
 …  Amen. /

brains optimize performance by staying near .. the critical point between two phases
 …  a grand unified theory of how the brain works
 …  Its exquisitely ordered complexity and thinking ability arise spontaneously, he contended, from the disordered electrical activity of neurons.
 …  a volume in phase space where the system can adapt to work efficiently and optimally
 …  the brain is slightly subcritical
 …  For intense cognitive tasks that require integration of a lot of information .. the brain would benefit by being as close to criticality as possible.
 …  if circumstances require a faster, more intuitive response, it’s better to be farther below the critical point
 …  the asynchronous irregular states /18-06-18

Y Chromosome
 …  It’s not just what makes males into males. The sex chromosome also influences health in hidden ways, some experts believe, and may even explain why men have shorter life spans.
 …  Y chromosome participates in an array of essential, general-interest tasks in men, like stanching cancerous growth, keeping arteries clear and blocking the buildup of amyloid plaque in the brain.
 …  he loss of the Y chromosome with age explains a very large proportion of the increased mortality in men, compared to women /18-06-13

An Inconvenient New Neutrino?
 …  The Standard Model, which is a theory of nearly everything (gravity being an exception) likes things in threes. There are, for example, three colors of quarks, just as there were three neutrinos types—until very recently: .. the possible existence of a fourth type of neutrino that does not fit into any theoretical model. /18-06-13

Trees That Have Lived for Millennia Are Suddenly Dying
 …  Around 1,500 years ago, shortly after the collapse of the Roman Empire, a baobab tree started growing in what is now Namibia.
 …  The oldest baobabs are collapsing, and there's only one likely explanation.
 …  70 percent of your 1,500 to 2,000-year-old trees died within 12 years, it certainly is not normal, .. “It is difficult to come up with a culprit other than climate change.” /18-06-13

The Standard Model
 …  Sheldon Lee Glashow
 …  In this part, I describe the Standard Model of particle physics, which encompasses three of the four forces of nature. Gravity seems to play no role in the subatomic world.
 …   …   …   …  /18-06-13

Has Consciousness Lost Its Mind?
 …  Tucson
 …  "Quantum Walks in Brain Microtubules — a Biomolecular Basis for Quantum Cognition?"
 …  "The scientists who pooh-pooh the mystical stuff can’t explain the hard problem"
 …  the life cycle of a protozoan
 …  some artificial-intelligence researchers worry that those computers will acquire consciousness
 …  machine overlords
 …  "I act like you act, I do what you do/but I don’t know what it’s like to be you/What consciousness is, I ain’t got a clue."
 …  I can be reasonably confident that I’m conscious, but I kind of have my doubts about you.
 …  Dennett suggests that the phenomenon is an illusion
 …  why any of that gray-matter activity should lead to the feeling of experience, what philosophers call qualia.
 …  Chalmers and his acolytes contend, a gap that neuroscience can’t bridge.
 …  panpsychism, the idea that all matter, including the chair .. in some sense contains consciousness
 …  unpacking the biological mechanisms of consciousness rather than hunting for mysterious workarounds
 …  I wouldn’t expect a geophysicist to go to a conference where ‘Flat Earthers’ were given equal platform
 …  "Superstition," by Stevie Wonder, a song that includes the following line: "When you believe in things you don’t understand, then you suffer." /18-06-12

physics has gone off the rails
 …  Has the love of "elegant" equations overtaken the desire to describe the real world?
 …  All of the theoretical work that's been done since the 1970s has not produced a single successful prediction
 …  that research isn't doing much to advance our understanding of the universe — at least not the way physicists did in the last century
 …  write a lot of papers, build a lot of [theoretical] models, hold a lot of conferences, cite each other
 …  No dark matter particles have yet been found.
 …  multiverse .. seems to some scientists more like science fiction than a description of reality
 …  People can believe in the multiverse all they want — but it's not science
 …  "Lost in Math: How Beauty Leads Physics Astray," Hossenfelder
 …  Theoretical physicists used to explain what was observed. Now they try to explain why they can't explain what was not observed. And they're not even good at that.
 …  Kepler developed an elaborate theory that described the orbits of the planets in terms of the five "Platonic solids" of Euclidian geometry. His hypothesis was certainly elegant, but it was also wrong.
 …  optimistic that a new era of physics may be just around the corner /18-06-12

 …  zawód uczonego wymaga właśnie tej głupoty, tej naiwności, tej skrajnej uczciwości
 …  w kształtowaniu opinii gusła zastępują naukę, szalbierze zastępują uczonych, a złudzenia zastępują fakty /18-06-08

AI, radiology and the future of work
 …  Clever machines will make workers more productive more often than they will replace them
 …  Analysing medical images is a natural fit for “deep learning”
 …  robopocalypse
 …  AI, for the foreseeable future, will remain “narrow”, not general
 …  a sort of electronic idiot
 …  Improved efficiency led to higher production
 …  experience suggests that technological change takes longer than people think. Factory-owners took decades to exploit the full advantages of electricity over steam. /18-06-08

Ta pogarda nie zostanie zapomniana.
Wzburzyła wiele osób. Nawet prof. Tadeusz Gadacz napisał ostro: „Stosunek PiS do niepełnosprawnych jest skandaliczny. Pani Pawłowicz niech sama zacznie się myć, bo to ona śmierdzi. Jej smród rozchodzi się po całej Polsce. Nic nie śmierdzi bardziej niż rozkładający się jej umysł”. Słowa wybitnego filozofa pokazują, do czego doszliśmy. /18-06-08

A shift from the ascetic to the aesthetic is underway. At its center: evolutionary biology.
 …  a couple of papers on obscure subjects that nobody cares about, and, at the age of sixty, be ugly and respected and a full professor
 …  Female academics face a double bind: Look attractive and you seem unserious; look homely and you seem dour.
 …  abstract, formal sciences, dedicated largely to the elucidation of pattern and structure, celebrate a beauty that is cool and impersonal: fractals and spheres; the crystalline arrangement of atoms; the possibility of symmetry in the fundamental forms of matter
 …  This bloodless, geometric notion of beauty faces a new challenge from within the sciences. Recent evolutionary-biological inquiry into beauty is, like physics, awed by the power of the aesthetic. But new scholarship brings a messier, and sexier, form of beauty into view.
 …  beauty .. shaped by sexual desire
 …  beauty not as a rarified lodestar but as — simply, thrillingly — the ground of life
 …  The Evolution of Beauty .. Richard O. Prum
 …  Darwin was troubled by the ubiquity of "useless beauty"
 …  peacock’s tail .. evolve because they are attractive — not because they signal an animal’s fitness
 …  The Spandrels of San Marco, Stephen Jay Gould
 …  byproducts
 …  "What is the function of this trait?" instead of the more modest "Does this trait have a function?"
 …  studies have failed to find a correlation between good genes and female sexual preferences
 …  the advantages of having "sexy" male offspring outweigh the functional costs
 …  the neural systems that help an animal find food, avoid predators, or recognize other members of its species can be repurposed for sexuality. Species that hunt for bright-colored prey are likely to hunt also for bright-colored mates.
 …  certain patterns of beauty — magnitude, complexity, and novelty — are favored across many species
 …  humans and other animals have a "hard-wired preference for symmetry."
 …  When we are in the presence of beauty, Plato writes, "the whole soul seethes and throbs"
 …  neural mechanisms that govern judgments of beauty
 …  It may be no exaggeration to say that the longing for beauty, felt over countless generations, has literally made us human — and made, beyond us, a world of endless forms. /18-06-06

The New Testament: A Translation By David Bentley Hart
 …  The Unauthorised Version
 …  ferocious attacks on modern atheism
 …  almost pitilessly literal translation .. not shaped by later theological and doctrinal history
 …  Marxist Jesus
 …  Hart is from the Orthodox tradition, which eschews the Augustinian notion of Original Sin and proposes, more congenially, that humans are born not already stained by sin but merely capable of sinning. /18-06-04

AI Industry
 …  hair-raising advances in sex robots
 …  Elon Musk's crusade against AI's perceived perils
 …  new area in tech
 …  more of our wellness will be digitized
 …  new preventative and early intervention care
 …  technology-aided caregivers emerge
 …  humanoid robots with embedded AI to treat autism in children
 …  AI will certainly be used to increase efficiency in corporations
 …  more efficient delivery schedules, stock trading operations, credit scoring, and fraud detection
 …  Usage of AI for verifying, categorizing and exposing /18-06-04

philosophy .. whether the field is making progress
 …  Dave Chalmers
 …  a discipline must have pragmatic agreement on method
 …  persistent disagreement about this or that “big question”
 …  At the limit, conflict over method may be truly destructive of the field as a whole.
 …  chronic lack of agreement on what counts as a useful contribution /18-06-04

7,000 Years Ago
 …  Around 7,000 years ago .. something really peculiar happened to human genetic diversity.
 …  the genetic diversity of the Y chromosome collapsed, becoming as though there was only one man for every 17 women
 …  the cause .. fighting between patrilineal clans
 …  Neolithic Y-chromosome bottleneck
 …  12,000 and 8,000 years ago as humans shifted to more agrarian cultures with patrilineal structures
 …  Instead of 'survival of the fittest' in a biological sense, the accumulation of wealth and power may have increased the reproductive success of a limited number of 'socially fit' males
 …  skirmishes wiped out entire clans
 …  sociology, biology and mathematics
 …  Cultural changes in political and social organisation - phenomena that are unique to human beings - may extend their reach into patterns of genetic variation in ways yet to be discovered. /18-06-04

Is your job one that makes the world a better place?
 …  Toilets need to be cleaned.
 …  bullshit job is to know that if it were to disappear tomorrow it would make no difference to the world
 …  in 1930, John Maynard Keynes predicted that technological advances would enable us to work a 15-hour week.
 …  employers in the public and private sector alike behaving like the bureaucracies of the old Soviet Union
 …  a society that has forgotten what it is for.
 …  Our economies have become “vast engines for producing nonsense”.
 …  Will robots do away with bullshit jobs? Probably not
 …  fully automated luxury communism
 …  a universal basic income as a potential solution
 …  David Graeber /18-05-29

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