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Cytaty, ostatni miesiąc  (tu są wszystkie, większą czcionką)

there is no life after death - Sean Carroll  …  "emergent" /16-07-20

The more the universe seems comprehensible, the more it also seems pointless. - Steven Weinberg, 1993 /16-07-20

Islam Evolving  …  While fully committed to secular Enlightenment values  …  Secularism is neither historically inevitable, nor a logical necessity, nor a moral imperative.  …  Secularism cannot claim to be the more democratic option, where it is not what people would prefer.  …  judges, members of the power elite, as arbiters  …  individuals only as producers and consumers  …  denial of the world's most urgent problem, global warming  …  why do we regard free speech as good?  …  excesses of neoliberalism  …  Quran, .. is due to its powerful affirmations of monotheism, and to its concern for social justice.  …  reinterpretation of the sacred text, rather than by treating it as a human artefact, product of its time and place /16-07-19

What free will looks like in the brain  …  decision-making and action  …  Attention, Perception, & Psychophysics  …  MRI  …  what happens in a human brain the moment a free choice is made  …  parietal lobe, near the back of the brain  …  frontal cortex  …  the brain was preparing a purely voluntary action rather than merely following an order  …  watching as someone weighed short-term rewards against long-term rewards /16-07-18

Cosmology, God And Why  …  Sean Carroll  …  The Big Picture: On the Origins of Life, Meaning, and the Universe Itself  …  By poetic naturalism, Carroll means adopting the best and most inspiring way of talking about the observable, measurable world, which in the end, he argues, is all there is.  …  he understands why most people are religious  …  existential therapy  …  Bayesian reasoning  …  Do we really have souls? Carroll concludes we do not. Is death the end for us? Carroll argues that it is.  …  Anthropic Principle  …  universe exhibits regularities at all, and in particular that it exhibits regularities that allow for the existence of human beings, has a higher likelihood under theism than naturalism  …  Terrence Deacon .. scientific understanding of consciousness that can accept a degree of immateriality  …  Our lives are changing in unpredictable ways  …  mindfulness that would hopefully promote good behavior  …  Most of us on this rotating rock find other human beings much more worthy of our lifelong attention than the natural world we live on.  …  there is and has always been something more to reality than the purely physical /16-07-18

Astronymy  …  13585 Justinsmith  …  onomastic  …  International Astronomical Union and the International Star Registry  …  For Aristotle, the soul dissolves when the body corrupts. Many others preferred to believe that nothing dies of what comes to be, and one plausible account of what happens to the soul is that it goes to the stars /16-07-18

Dinosaurs  …  mass extinctions  …  Anthropocene  …  asteroid  …  extraterrestrial-impact theory seemed intellectually distasteful  …  sulfur, not dust  …  the asteroid was not a lone assassin but struck a global ecosystem already weakened by other injuries  …  greenhouse gases  …  crude oil  …  sudden ignition of underground oil at the Yucatán impact site  …  soot  …  If we’re fortunate, we’ll just be naturally selected. /16-07-14

Loneliness belongs to the photographer  …  Edward Hopper .. Andy Warhol .. David Wojnarowicz  …  To be a photographer is to willingly enter the world of the lonely, because it is an artistic exercise in invisibility.  …  act of predation, as if the street is a savannah and the person with a camera a large cat, silent and hungry,  …  person with the camera is not hiding but receding. She is willfully removing herself from the slipstream of life; she is making herself into a constant witness, someone who lives to see the lives of others, not to be seen herself.  …  hoping for anonymity  …  in our requests to be heard  …  To practice this art requires first a commitment to self-erasure.  …  They remind us how much we want to be seen, and also how infrequently we practice the skill of seeing others.  …  Click: I see you. You are not alone. /16-07-12

triple sunsets and a super-long year  …  giant planet orbiting one of the three suns of a triple-star system  …  Centaurus, about 98 parsecs (320 light years) from Earth  …  A year on the planet lasts for about 550 Earth years.  …  extreme configurations can experience exotic behaviour /Nature/16-07-08

Banach-Tarski paradox  …  The axiom of choice  …  counterintuitive consequence  …  Zorn's Lemma  …  how are we to decide on the status of an axiom, on whether to accept it or reject it? /16-07-08

how mind arises from matter or how, in turn, mind acts on the brain  …  there is no nonphysical soul or ego, or at least no evidence for that  …  consciousness is a kind of con game the brain plays with itself  …  The brain is a computer that evolved to simulate the outside world. Among its internal models is a simulation of itself — a crude approximation of its own neurological processes. The result is an illusion. Instead of neurons and synapses, we sense a ghostly presence — a self — inside the head. But it’s all just data processing. “The machine mistakenly thinks it has magic inside it,” Dr. Graziano said. And it calls the magic consciousness.  …  There is a gap in the explanation where suddenly a miracle seems to occur.  …  For lack of a precise mechanism describing how minds are generated by brains, some philosophers and scientists have been driven back to the centuries-old doctrine of panpsychism — the idea that consciousness is universal, existing as some kind of mind stuff inside molecules and atoms.  …  Consciousness doesn’t have to emerge. It’s built into matter, perhaps as some kind of quantum mechanical effect.  …  perceptronium: atoms arranged so they can process information and give rise to subjectivity  …  Giulio Tononi, whose integrated information theory  …  devices as simple as a thermostat or a photoelectric diode might have glimmers of consciousness, a subjective self.  …  error-correcting circuitry in a DVD player — can be many times more conscious than a human brain  …  Galatea 2.2.  …  Philosophers will argue over whether the computer is really conscious or just simulating consciousness — and whether there is any difference.  …  its own mind-body problem /16-07-05

language assists human thinking by providing categories and concepts  …  not the stuff of thought  …  We don’t actually need language in order to think.  …  Jean Piaget  …  cognition to be independent of language  …  There is a notable irony here. In an earlier age, the absence of language was used as an argument against the existence of thought in other species. Today I find myself upholding the position that the manifest reality of thinking by nonlinguistic creatures argues against the importance of language. /16-07-05

Jupiter  …  In 1543 Nicolaus Copernicus proposed, in a mathematically rigorous way, that the Earth is not the centre of the universe  …  Juno will become a 68th satellite of Jupiter on July 4th, arriving almost five years after it was launched  …  250,000 kilometres an hour  …  Assistance from Earth will be impossible, for radio signals from mission control in California take nearly an hour to reach it.  …  Europa, which is thought to have beneath its icy surface a liquid-water ocean that might conceivably support life  …  mysterious thing is Jupiter’s origin  …  whether the planet has a core /16-07-01

March of the machines  …  “the discovery of this mighty power” has come “before we knew how to employ it rightly”  …  AI  …  “Terminator”  …  deep learning  …  Apple’s voice assistant, Amazon’s shopping recommendations and Tesla’s self-driving cars  …  AI systems are impressive, they can perform only very specific tasks: a general AI capable of outwitting its human creators remains a distant  …  technology ultimately created more jobs than it destroyed  …  empathy and human interaction—traits that are beyond machines  …  “basic income”, paid to everybody /16-06-30

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