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Many-Interacting-Worlds Approach to Quantum Mechanics ... graduate student in the philosophy department ..., and like many philosophers of physics, knows the technical background behind relativity and quantum mechanics very well. /14-12-19

Incredible time-lapse video showing storms and mesocylcones /14-12-17

Americans aren’t so confident in their creationism. Most Americans do believe God created us. But the harder you press about historical claims in the Bible, the less confident people are. The percentage who stand by young-Earth creationism dwindles all the way to 15 percent. /14-12-11

Stem cells: The black box of reprogramming ... The one thing that we know is that it's not magic, there is a mechanism. /14-12-11

mass extinction ... between 500 and 36,000 species might be disappearing each year. ... disappearing at rate of 0.72% per year (the upper end of estimates), a sixth mass extinction could happen by the year 2200. At the low end of the estimated range, a mass extinction would not happen for thousands of years. /14-12-11

“time’s arrow” ... is an emergent property of thermodynamics ... highly ordered states into random, useless configurations ... inflation’s extreme flexibility and explanatory power are both its greatest strength and its greatest weakness. ... the entropy being low at the beginning of the universe should just be added as a new law of physics. ... gravity, rather than thermodynamics, that draws the bowstring to let time’s arrow fly. ... the universe has an unlimited capacity for entropy. ... we’re just investigating a new aspect of Newton’s gravitation ... the ancient Greek dream of order out of chaos. /14-12-10

... to float, ... over Antarctica’s ice, in order to record radio waves generated by neutrinos passing through the ice ... Cherenkov-radiation ... ANITA III ... about 40 bursts a day ... If Hawking radiation exists /14-12-09

The Collected Papers Of Albert Einstein /14-12-09

1984 It is now 65 years since George Orwell died, and he has never been bigger. His phrases are on our lips, his ideas are in our heads, his warnings have come true. How did this happen? /14-12-09

The Shrinking World of Ideas Marxism, Freudianism, alienation, symbolism, modernism, existentialism, nihilism, deconstruction, and postcolonialism ... Unless I am very much mistaken, the last philosopher to exert wide-ranging influence was Wittgenstein. ... Foucault concluded that man is nothing more than an Enlightenment invention ... all schools of thought become in the end variant expressions of the mind’s tendencies ... Ironically, the last great surge of ideas in the humanities was essentially antihumanist. ... what the postmodernists indirectly accomplished was to open the humanities to the sciences, particularly neuroscience. ... Our preferences, behaviors, tropes, and thoughts—the very stuff of consciousness—are byproducts of the brain’s activity. And once we map the electrochemical impulses that shoot between our neurons, we should be able to understand—well, everything. So every discipline becomes implicitly a neurodiscipline, including ethics, aesthetics, musicology, theology, literature, whatever. ... all behavior is mechanical ... "emerging research in the brain sciences has set into motion fundamental questions relating to social, political, aesthetic, and scientific discoveries." ... Roger Penrose ... The not-so-wonderful irony of the postmodern program ... the mind might one day fathom the human condition. /14-12-01

Adam Gopnik And that pseudo-scientific argument—that an embryo is a person because it contains the DNA of a potential person—is true of any human cell, and certainly true of the countless fertilized eggs that, in the natural course of reproduction, are destroyed before they can develop. /14-12-01

New materials may change the way temperatures are regulated ... has made a material which reflects 97% of sunlight while itself radiating at a wavelength of between eight and 13 microns, which is where the atmosphere is most transparent. /14-11-28

Resolutions of 0.1 Å — the goal set by physicist Richard Feynman in 1959 ... Exceeding atomic resolution is crucial for understanding important classes of materials. /14-11-27

Our Cats, Ourselves ... domestic dog date from more than 30,000 years ago. But domestic cats ... about 9,500 years ago. This difference fits our intuition about their comparative degrees of domestication ... Wolves beat dogs in general intelligence tests. ... Konrad Lorenz once suggested that humans were subject to the same dynamics of domestication. Our brain and body sizes peaked during the end of the last ice age, and declined with the spread of agriculture. /14-11-27

The Accidental Universe: The World You Thought You Knew, by Alan Lightman ... the conflict between our human desire for permanence and the impermanence of nature; the possibility that our universe is simply an accident; ... our resistance to the view that our bodies and minds can be explained by scientific logic and laws. ... what we see and understand of the world is only a tiny piece of the extraordinary, perhaps unfathomable whole. /14-11-27

Age of Quantum Biology ... In 1989 Roger Penrose, an Oxford mathematician, proposed a quantum mechanism for consciousness that was met with deep scepticism. Yet Messrs Al-Khalili and McFadden go on to revise Mr Penrose’s theory in light of more recent experiments. Where doubt remains, work continues. /14-11-26

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