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Berlin, Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe

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Cytaty, ostatni miesiąc  (tu są wszystkie, większą czcionką)

Wszystko, co istnieje ... zbudowane jest z tych samych elementów fizycznych – atomów – wspólnych dla organizmów żywych i materii nieożywionej. /Mieczysław Chorąży/PAUza nr 313/15-11-26

Nicolaus Copernicus is famous  …  Albert Einstein, with his  …  The ability for seemingly constant things to evolve and change is an important aspect of Einstein’s legacy. If space and time can change, little else is sacred.  …  a multiverse in which the very laws of physics themselves can change from place to place and time to time.  …  We currently have no direct evidence that there is a multiverse, of course. But the possibility is very much in the spirit of Einstein’s reformulation of spacetime, or, for that matter, Copernicus’s new theory of the Solar System. Our universe isn’t built on unmovable foundations; /Sean Carroll/15-11-25

Agriculture Linked to DNA Changes  …  after agriculture arrived in Europe 8,500 years ago, people’s DNA underwent widespread changes  …  indirect clues .. by studying the genomes of living Europeans  …  we have a time machine  …  ancestors adapted to agriculture through natural selection  …  DNA of Europeans today comes from three main sources.  …  genomes of 230 people who lived between 8,500 and 2,300 years ago  …  light skin helped capture more vitamin D in sunlight at high latitudes  …  the shift to agriculture, which reduced the intake of vitamin D, that may have triggered a change in skin color  …  One day, they may be able to track historic changes in the human genome across the globe over tens of thousands of years. /15-11-24

making things matters less and knowing things more  …  internet of things (IoT)  …  a “platform”, a layer of software that combines different kinds of devices  …  A high-end car, has the digital horsepower of 20 personal computers and generates 25 gigabytes of data per hour of driving  …  Apple and Google are pressing carmakers to install the operating systems  …  German carmakers  …  Plattform-Kapitalismus .. Google and Facebook  …  user interfaces for German products are .. so complex /15-11-19

Ctrl+X for disease and Ctrl+V for talent  …  Imagine if living things were as easy to modify as computer software.  …  Such a vision might either excite or horrify, depending on your point of view.  …  gene editing is based on a natural process.  …  to ‘improve’ a person’s genetic make-up? Practically speaking, there’s no reason why not.  …  improving our cognitive powers, or increasing our life expectancy, /15-11-15

Relativity and quantum mechanics are fundamentally different theories  …  a quantum of space  …  nothing less than a third revolution in modern physics  …  It could tell us where the laws of nature came from, and whether the cosmos is built on uncertainty or whether it is fundamentally deterministic  …  meaningless to ask how gravity behaves at distances smaller than a single chunk of space  …  strings are drastically smaller even than the spatial structures Hogan is trying to find  …  space itself might emerge from .. only two dimensions  …  to build a device that could measure the exceedingly fine graininess of space  …  Holometer  …  1e-18 m  …  A success for the holometer would mean failure for .. string theory.  …  the primacy of quantum mechanics runs deeper still  …  General relativity is not a description of subsystems. It is a description of the whole universe as a closed system.  …  Smolin’s principle of precedence  …  big-small debate  …  We don’t even know what time is. /15-11-10

manipulate our DNA more easily  …  Feng Zhang  …  CRISPR  …  Inevitably, the technology will also permit scientists to correct genetic flaws in human embryos.  …  eventually be passed down to children, grandchildren  …  that scientists will be able to rewrite the fundamental code of life, with consequences for future generations that we may never be able to anticipate.  …  grand unified theory of genetics  …  CRISPR is the Model T of genetics  …  The brain is still the place in the universe with the most unanswered questions.  …  Addgene .. a nonprofit repository that houses tens of thousands of ready-made sequences  …  there was a reductionist approach to genetics  …  created a mouse that was easy to edit .. Cas9 mouse  …  that every cancer is a specific, personal disease  …  Nobody is going to employ CRISPR technology to design a baby, let alone transform the genetic profile of humanity, anytime soon.  …  Modern medicine already shapes our genome, .. edited out of our genome by natural selection.  …  Today, though, with more than five million children on earth born through in-vitro fertilization,  …  it is essential to assess both the risks and the benefits of any new technology  …  If CRISPR helps unravel the mysteries of autism, contributes to a cure for a form of cancer, or makes it easier for farmers to grow more nutritious food while reducing environmental damage, the fears, like the many others before them, will almost certainly disappear. /15-11-10

BITCOIN has a bad reputation.  …  This is unfair.  …  European Union recently recognised it as a currency  …  it is a machine for creating trust.  …  The blockchain .. In essence it is a shared, trusted, public ledger that everyone can inspect, but which no single user controls.  …  It is what makes possible a currency without a central bank.  …  Blockchains are also the latest example of the unexpected fruits of cryptography.  …  Financial-services firms are contemplating using blockchains as a record of who owns what  …  to create more scrutiny and transparency could be no bad thing.  …  to transform how people and businesses co-operate.  …  digital currency beyond the reach of any central bank.  …  The real innovation is not the digital coins themselves, but the trust machine that mints them—and which promises much more besides. /15-11-03

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