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Palec wymazany! Znak?

Tarnowskie Góry, 31 marca (piątek), 1800, Muzeum, Wieczór pod renesansowym stropem

Cytaty, ostatni miesiąc (tu są wszystkie, większą czcionką)

eighth continent: Zealandia
 …  New Zealand and New Caledonia, is a single, intact piece of continental crust and is geologically separate from Australia /17-02-22

how planets form
 …  Seven alien, Earth-sized worlds bask in the cool, red light of their parent star
 …  39 light years from Earth
 …  You can imagine how many nearby stars might harbour lots and lots of planets
 …  orbit their star roughly every 4, 6, 9 and 12 days /17-02-22

Gene editing, clones and the science of making babies
 …  haemophilia and sickle-cell anaemia can be fixed before an embryo even starts to develop
 …  cloning humans steadily more feasible
 …  playing God
 …  whether “test-tube” babies would have souls
 …  Growing sperm and eggs from body cells
 …  gay couples could have children related to both parents
 …  protect the interests of the unborn
 …  opinions change as people get used to new techniques /17-02-20

Homo Deus Foresees a Godlike Future, Harari
 …  the free individual is just a fictional tale
 …  more people die today from eating too much than from eating too little
 …  humans are in fact trying to upgrade themselves into gods
 …  select embryos with the best odds
 …  to slow the aging process
 …  our radical transformation
 …  Relatively small changes in genes, hormones and neurons .. were enough to transform Homo erectus — who could produce nothing more impressive than flint knives — into Homo sapiens, who produce spaceships and computers
 …  proprietary algorithms to re-engineer brains, bodies and minds
 …  Once artificial intelligence surpasses human intelligence
 …  #Resist /17-02-20

A computer to rival the brain
 …  In the brain, by contrast, data run simultaneously through billions of parallel processors
 …  without the need for a C.P.U.
 …  to emulate some of the brain’s messiness
 …  including a random-number generator with each neuron
 …  material that changes phase from amorphous to crystalline with a certain degree of randomness
 …  Matter will not execute a computation; it will be the computation.
 …  Our own human algorithms are not necessarily ideal. /17-02-17

Roger Penrose
 …  is still defining the way we see the universe.
 …  Penrose is irrepressibly eclectic in his learning
 …  quantum mechanics might explain consciousness
 …  Fashion, Faith and Fantasy—but that a book so wide and deep in its erudition could be written at all
 …  surrealist artist Roland Penrose
 …  phenomenal visual sense of geometry
 …  Escher
 …  he attacks is the attempt to unite relativity and quantum mechanics in string theory
 …  a universe with so many dimensions is hard to keep under control
 …  absurdly, was never rewarded with a Nobel Prize
 …  Penrose’s h-index is still nothing special today
 …  in the standoff between quantum mechanics and general relativity, Penrose thinks that the former will crack first
 …  microtubules .. the collapse of these superpositions could enable the brain to solve problems that are formally “non-computable” /17-02-16

From Bacteria to Bach and Back
 …  Daniel C Dennett
 …  There is no ‘hard problem’ and consciousness is no more mysterious than gravity
 …  Charles Darwin and Richard Dawkins .. Alan Turing and Claude Shannon
 …  memes, that seductive Dawkinsian concept
 …  Granted the right chemical and physical conditions, life forms will emerge from the primeval slime, and granted the right conditions, life will evolve large-brained organisms such as humans – who are profoundly social animals
 …  to think, remember, plan, empathise – in a word, to have a mind
 …  by Natural Selection
 …  qualia .. “the hard problem” – is a false distinction
 …  Chomsky concludes, improbably, that human language must have emerged in our hominid ancestors through one single giant mutational leap, making it possible to find the words to express private thoughts. It is far more probable, Dennett argues, that the origins of language lie in the social nature of humans
 …  It may die, returning the planet to the bacteria /17-02-15

Physicists are closing the door on ... “spooky action at a distance”
 …  particles have no definite states
 …  until they are measured, when they seem to suddenly roll the dice and jump
 …  both particles together
 …  John Bell
 …  locality, realism and freedom
 …  “freedom-of-choice” loophole
 …  random-number generators to set the devices’ angles of orientation
 …  nature might restrict freedom while maintaining local realism
 …  connections between information and the geometry of space-time
 …  the stronger the gravity in a volume of space-time, the fewer bits can be stored
 …  how to distinguish between a universe that lacks local realism and one that curbs freedom
 …  bright and conveniently located (but otherwise random) star
 …  used the color of an incoming photon from each star to set the angle
 …  to use light from increasingly distant quasars
 …  Superdeterminism
 …  If the correlations are indeed set [at the Big Bang], everything is preordained /17-02-08

Quantum Foundations ... Steven Weinberg
 …  Decoherence is the process that destroys quantum-ness. It happens constantly and everywhere.
 …  how come on large scales our world is distinctly un-quantum?
 …  “collapse” of the wave-function
 …  depends on your favorite interpretation of quantum mechanics
 …  to use atomic clocks to look for evidence of fundamental decoherence
 …  whether quantum mechanics – in whatever interpretation – is fundamental, or whether there is an underlying theory /17-02-06

augmented reality
 …  to move the computer from the pocket to the body itself
 …  smart glasses
 …  even more intimate way to interact with machines
 …  it would turn reality itself into a gigantic computer screen
 …  instructions to employees while leaving their hands free
 …  HoloLens
 …  architectural practices (where several designers can work together on a digital representation of a building)
 …  “Glassholes” became social pariahs
 …  Snapchat generation may not be troubled by the idea of being perpetually on camera /17-02-03

this apparent complexity is all a consequence of thermodynamics
 …  the difference between physics and biology
 …  biology’s only general guiding principle: evolution
 …  nonequilibrium physics, complex systems science
 …  Just how special (or not) is biology?
 …  at the heart of fundamental physics itself: information
 …  information that helps the organism stay out of equilibrium
 …  to extract work from fluctuations in its surroundings
 …  life can be considered as a computation that aims to optimize the storage and use of meaningful information
 …  thermodynamic efficiency of the total computation done by a cell is that it is only 10 or so times more than the Landauer limit
 …  evolution by natural selection is itself just a particular case of a more general imperative
 …  Darwinian logic breaks down” — so long as the system in question is complex, versatile and sensitive enough to respond to fluctuations in its environment
 …  A thermodynamically optimal machine must balance memory against prediction by minimizing its nostalgia — the useless information about the past
 …  “causal entropic force”
 …  the thermodynamics of nonequilibrium systems makes the emergence of organized, complex systems much more likely on a prebiotic Earth far from equilibrium
 …  meaning and intention — may emerge as a natural consequence of statistics /17-02-02

looking for deviations from Newton’s inverse-square law of gravity
 …  why gravity is so much weaker than the other
 …  gravitational interactions of objects less than 100 microns apart
 …  to a test of string theory /17-01-30

An Organized Collection of Irrational Nonsencse /17-01-30

Poker Is a Big Deal for Artificial Intelligence
 …  poker involves dealing with imperfect information, which makes the game very complex, and more like many real-world situations
 …  Libratus is up by almost $800,000 against its human opponents.
 …  It is fundamentally different from checkers, chess, or Go, because an opponent’s hand remains hidden
 …  There is no single optimal move, but instead an AI player has to randomize its actions so as to make opponents uncertain
 …  game theory, or the mathematics of strategic decision making
 …  involves some form of approximation
 …  how to randomize your play in a way that is, in a sense, optimal.
 …  a new equilibrium approximation technique
 …  end-game analysis is computationally very challenging, and is performed during each game at the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center
 …  Charles University and Czech Technical University /17-01-30

methods of neuroscience are left wanting
 …  bottomless appetite for data
 …  published in PLOS Computational Biology
 …  neuroscience’s favourite analogy: comparing the brain to a computer
 …  who both have backgrounds in neuroscience and electronic engineering
 …  Caenorhabditis elegans, which has just 302 nerve cells
 …  understand much less about how the creature’s “brain” works than they do about computer chips with millions of times as many components.
 …  Obtaining data is one thing. Working out what they are saying is another. /17-01-23

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