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Cytaty, ostatni miesiąc.     Tu są wszystkie, większą czcionką.

Faith and science ... Pope Francis has found a meeting place for those with extreme religious and environmentalist stances ... Pope has suggested that humans should not breed “like rabbits” ... Protestant conviction that God created natural resources for humans ... compromise between the extremes of the religious and environmentalist positions could also help to defuse other sources of tension between faith and science. ... Protestant churches: choose between science and faith. ... in the United States especially, atheism is over-represented among scientists ... respect for science is now divided along political lines too ... Pope Francis .. recognition that the economy and the environment are inextricably linked, especially for the desperately poor, builds on a foundation that is older and deeper than the recent US culture wars. /15-07-30

CLIMATE change puts humanity at risk. The Pope’s celebrated encyclical letter ... Perhaps for the first time in history, there seems to be a broad consensus among scientists. ... loss to society because of catastrophic climate change is so large that it cannot be reliably estimated. ... an illustrative figure of $336m billion as the cost of human extinction. ... the value of life of unborn generations ... the current inertia that climate negotiations suffer from. /15-07-30

The arrow of time ... why the universe started out so orderly ... The secret ingredient .. is gravity. ... two futures that share one past. ... the universe is eternal. ... all the particles would clump together into a homogeneous ball, a moment of minimum complexity. ... What we know as the universe could actually be just one of a pair ... gravity-driven arrow of time must have arisen. ... the Janus point /Julian Barbour/15-07-18

The end of capitalism has begun ... information technology, new ways of working and the sharing economy. ... The old ways will take a long while to disappear, but it’s time to be utopian ... individualism replaced collectivism and solidarity ... reshaping the economy around new values and behaviours. I call this postcapitalism. ... hugely diminish the amount of work needed ... information is corroding the market’s ability to form prices correctly. ... The biggest information product in the world – Wikipedia – is made by volunteers for free ... in order to put a value on data, neither the cost of gathering it, nor the market value or the future income from it could be adequately calculated. ... Information goods are freely replicable. ... In the “Fragment” Marx imagines an economy ... “ideal machine”, which lasts forever and costs nothing. ... postcapitalism – whose precondition is abundance ... we can see their prefigurative forms in the lives of young people ... design of the postcapitalist world, as with software, can be modular. ... We need a project based on reason /15-07-18

How We Decide Sam McNerney. ... Hard Problem ... recent wave of reductionist euphoria ... the radical subjectivity of experience. ... an organism has conscious mental states if and only if there is something that it is like to be that organism. ... Aesthetics will be propelled to the forefront of philosophy as a crucial part of metaphysical biology ... Humanities vs. STEM ... The humanities are in crisis. They’re dying. ... STEM—science, technology, engineering, mathematics—is now part of every university’s lingua franca. ... Empiricism Run Amok? ... The humanities touch the inner parts of our minds and souls the way technology cannot. ... into a post-human world. And that might sound great to logical positivists and atheists and neurobiologists. ... the BRAIN Initiative as a hubristic endeavor to reduce the beautiful messiness of humanistic creativity to the neatness of a mathematical equation. ... Science has brought us to the end of our childhood. ... Once we free ourselves of magical thinking ... Will the humanities sink under the weight of science? /15-07-16

pentaquark particle spotted at CERN ... An exotic particle made up of five quarks has been discovered a decade after experiments seemed to rule out its existence. ... the forces that hold quarks together ... testing grounds for quantum chromodynamics (QCD) /15-07-16

linking together animal brains with electrodes. ... At least some times, more brains are better than one, ... people to join together ... Surgeons might collectively operate on a single patient. ... exotic ethical quandaries ... Through trial and error, the rats learned how to consistently synchronize their brains, making it possible for the rats to act like a simple computer. ... neural privacy is something we should worry about, /15-07-16

Computers can spot symptoms of depression psychiatrists may miss ... IEEE Transactions on Affective Computing ... analysis of depressed people’s speech .. facial expressions and eye movements ... uantifying what was previously a qualitative observation ... vowel-space ratio ... not yet proposing that their program replace psychiatrists. ... Working together, human and machine /15-07-13

The Stanford Prison Experiment ... Professor Philip Zimbardo in 1971 ... randomly assigned roles of either ‘prison guard’ or ‘prisoner’ ... seemingly ordinary people can be manipulated by their environment into committing very bad acts. ... Isen and Levin found in 1972 that people who had just found a dime were 22 times more likely to help a woman who had dropped some papers than people who had not. ... situationism ... We create an illusion of freedom by attributing more internal control to ourselves, to the individual, than actually exists. ... What does it mean for ethics when moral behaviour appears to be largely governed by something outside ourselves? ... how is a virtue-centered ethical view plausible at all? ... biological determinism. One might go further and argue that, in the end, everything reduces to physical determinism anyway. ... before judging others .. we should realistically consider /15-07-07

Lawsuits about what it means to be an employee could shape the future of big industries ... she was an employee rather than, as Uber claims, an independent contractor .. social security ... in America, as in many other rich countries, employment law has failed to keep up with the changing realities of modern work. ... “on-demand” economy ... Forcing McDonald’s to become a co-employer ... Uber’s number of drivers has been doubling every six months ... The last thing the country needs is for over-strict interpretations of outdated laws to kill exciting new businesses and sabotage jobs. /15-07-03

Confirmation Bias - Test Your Awareness (Whodunnit?) YouTube/15-07-01

Palaeontologists hope that software can construct fossil databases directly from research papers. ... DeepDive ... Text mining ... The machine is really clear about uncertainty ... to extract 192,000 opinions on the classification of taxonomic names ... It's a little scary, the machines are getting that good. ... research papers to be described more systematically in the future. /15-07-01

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