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Cytaty, ostatni miesiąc  (tu są wszystkie, większą czcionką)

Law, not culture, is Europe’s answer to Islam  …  the historically Christian countries of Europe would be making a mistake if they responded to the Muslim influx by erecting new barriers or raising high the banner of cultural nativism.  …  new Muslim citizens, and indeed for practitioners of all religions including the various forms of Christianity, within a framework that is ordered not by any particular religion or culture but by the universal principles of secular law.  …  Europe must now find some other way to dynamically incorporate the world of Islam without diluting its devotion /16-04-30

Wikipedia is a voluntary organization  …  such systems usually end up looking a lot like 20th century bureaucracies  …  a complexity scientist  …  the emergence of social hierarchy  …  Iron law of oligarchy  …  a fairly small number of Wikipedia editors exert a major influence  …  that editing inequality is increasing over time  …  start with a decentralized democratic system, but over time you get the emergence of a leadership class /16-04-29

genetic technology that can kill off mosquito could eradicate malaria. But is it too risky to ever use?  …  DNA contains a genetic element that has “a capacity to spread” at a “disproportionately high” rate  …  artificial “selfish” gene capable of forcing itself into 99 percent of an organism’s offspring instead of the usual half  …  this particular gene causes female mosquitoes to become sterile, within about 11 generations  …  The mosquitoes I saw were created as  …  the self-annihilating mosquitoes could be unleashed in 2029  …  The technology creates risks that society has never before had to consider  …  if the selfish DNA should jump the species barrier  …  Rapid-fire technical advances are occurring thanks to CRISPR  …  FBI is looking into  …  is it ethical to eliminate any part of nature on purpose? Are you asking in a Darwinian way or a theological way?  …  it’s a species competition between us and the mosquito  …  what species do have is “fitness”  …  specialty is selfish genetic elements  …  turned into an extinction device  …  how something very bad for mosquitoes could also be spread by them  …  selfish gene that is harmless if one copy is present but causes sterility if two copies are /16-04-26

gender can be fluid  …  Boy or girl? It’s the most binary question in biology .. But in reality  …  58 gender specification options  …  Agender, Bigender, Intersex, Gender Fluid, Gender Questioning, Non-binary, Pangender, Two-spirit  …  parthenogenic species  …  hermaphrodites  …  pseudo-hermaphrodites  …  sequential hermaphrodites  …  If that dominant individual dies, the highest-ranking of the opposite sex changes sex and assumes the role.  …  The sine qua non of human sex designation in humans is chromosomal  …  XYY, XXY, XXX, X, or XXYY  …  chromosomal sex and gonadal/anatomical sex can disagree  …  Gender in humans is on a continuum  …  our minds are very resistant to continua  …  we think categorically  …  processes faces according to gender, within 150 milliseconds  …  Boy or girl? Maybe things will be different in 350 years, or 3,500 years. It’s possible. Of course, by then, maybe all anyone will be asking is which operating system you had your consciousness uploaded to. /16-04-21

Adam Zagajewski  …  being awarded the 2016 Jean Améry Prize for European essay writing, Eurozine publishes  …  From Lvov to Gliwice, from Gliwice to Krakow  …  only in ancient Krakow  …  Hapsburg empire  …  Kolakowski distanced himself from his manifesto  …  But what is poetry?  …  Czeslaw Milosz's work, as rich intellectually as it is poetically  …  Perhaps one day ardour will return to our bookstores, our intellects. /16-04-14

Computer generated Rembrandt  …  3-D-printing technology to produce what, at a glance, looks very like a previously unknown early portrait, of a thirties-ish man, by Rembrandt.  …  150Mpix  …  The sitter has a sparkle of personality but utterly lacks the personhood /16-04-14

astrology  …  By fetishising mathematical models, economists turned economics into a highly paid pseudoscience  …  The failure of the field to predict the 2008 crisis  …  computing technology made financial astrology explode in the 1970s and ’80s  …  Faith in a divine, invisible hand, made visible by mathematics.  …  In 101 BCE, Emperor Wudi  …  It’s time to stop wasting our money and recognise the high priests for what they really are: gifted social scientists who excel at producing mathematical explanations of economies, but who fail, like astrologers before them, at prophecy. /16-04-06

the right of the terminally ill to die when and how they choose, and with the support of clinicians  …  will thus be allowed in California from June 9th  …  predicts that in the first year fewer than 450 seriously ill individuals will ask the state’s Medicaid programme for a prescription of lethal drugs. And not all will take the pills they are prescribed. /16-04-05

Syn3.0  …  Richard Feynman .. “What I cannot create, I do not understand.”  …  Syn1.0 was the first human-engineered genome to be capable of controlling a cell  …  Syn3.0 has the smallest genome of any self-replicating organism  …  last universal common ancestor—the simplest, most minimalistic organism  …  who claims that she or he understands how a cell works is  …  doesn’t know what nearly a third of its genes do  …  what functions are fundamental to life  …  Its DNA provides just enough information for a single organism to sustain its own life, but too little to insure the long-term survival of the species. /16-04-05

mystery of mathematics is its lack of mystery  …  In math, we can really understand things, in a deeper way than we ever understand anything else.  …  a dirty secret in mathematics is that many unsolved problems have a similar flavour: they’re less about mysterious coincidences than about the lack of them  …  196,883  …  as you get further away from physics, math becomes just a disorganised mess of propositions  …  even the parts of math that look far removed from physics are indirectly inspired by our experience with the physical world  …  peculiarities of the human brain /16-04-04

circular economy  …  new relationship with our goods and materials  …  Quality is still associated with newness not with caring  …  substituting manpower for energy  …  consumers become users and creators  …  remanufacturing and repair of old goods  …  finding ways to disassemble material blends at the atomic level  …  The linear economy is driven by 'bigger-better-faster-safer' syndrome — in other words, fashion, emotion and progress.  …  Cleaning a glass bottle and using it again is faster and cheaper than recycling  …  Autolib car-sharing schemes free users from the demands of ownership  …  intelligent decentralization /Nature/16-04-04

Antarctic ice sheet is much less stable  …  by warming ocean currents — which can eat at the underside of the ice sheet  …  Before the last ice age began 130,000–115,000 years ago, for instance, sea levels were 6–9 metres higher than today — yet atmospheric carbon-dioxide levels were about 30% lower. And 3 million years ago, when CO2 levels roughly equalled today’s, the oceans may have been 10–30 metres higher. /Nature/16-04-04

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