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Cytaty, ostatni miesiąc  (tu są wszystkie, większą czcionką)

new anthropomorphism  …  animals as instinct-driven and incapable of thought  …  the shared biology of human and animal consciousness  …  Are We Smart Enough to Know How Smart Animals Are?  …  from obviously intelligent species, like chimpanzees and elephants, into less-understood animals  …  rats have also been found to possess empathy, a capacity sometimes said to define humanity  …  Joseph LeDoux  …  people shouldn’t hasten to understand them in terms of our own  …  dolphins, elephants, orangutans, magpies and most recently manta rays, are able to recognize themselves in a mirror …   …  We still use ourselves as a measuring stick  …  but fish?  …  seemingly expressionless faces  …  insects possess evolutionarily ancient brain structures  …  If those deer mothers can respond to a human baby’s cry, might they be imagining how that baby feels?  …  mental state attribution refers to the tendency of animals to project thoughts and feelings onto other animals  …  It seems to have been an evolutionarily favored way of making sense of the living world.  …  Turtles may turtle-pomorphize, frogs frog-pomorphize /16-10-26

algorithms .. aliens  …  could humans ever understand minds that are radically unlike our own?  …  human minds, in all their variety, are not the only sorts of minds  …  chimpanzees, crows  …  life-forms that have evolved elsewhere in the Universe  …  artificial intelligence  …  intelligence ‘measures an agent’s general ability to achieve goals in a wide range of environments  …  conscious exotica  …  the possibility of forms of consciousness so alien that we would not recognise them  …  following Ludwig Wittgenstein, to reject the dualistic idea that there is an impenetrable realm of subjective experience that forms a distinct portion of reality  …  nothing is hidden  …  what it is like to be a bat  …  This supports the dualist’s claim  …  I am a human, not a bat  …  biocentrism  …  to flirt once more with the dualistic thought that there is a hidden order of subjective facts  …  whether it is like anything at all to be an X  …  the extent to which a system is, in a specific information-theoretic sense, more than the sum of its parts  …  David Chalmers, to a metaphysically weighty division between inner and outer – in short, to a form of dualism  …  vegetative-state patients using an fMRI  …  Ava .. Garland Test  …  the study of a mechanism can only complement observation and interaction, not substitute for it  …  Indeed, no machine, no robot or computer program yet exists that could plausibly be ascribed any capacity for consciousness at all.  …  Roomba is a fully autonomous robot  …  Mistake was on move 79, but #AlphaGo only came to that realisation on around move 87  …  Its ability to respond effectively to subtle board patterns replicates what is often called intuition in top human players.  …  creativity  …  human-level artificial general intelligence (AGI)  …  whole brain emulation  …  mind children .. Moravec  …  AlphaGo is capable of taking both its programmers and its opponents by surprise  …  philosophical impasse  …  Solaris (1961) by Stanislaw Lem  …  Some facet of reality might be empirically inaccessible to us, but nothing is hidden as a matter of metaphysics.  …  our language and practices could change in unforeseeable ways to accommodate encounters with exotic forms of intelligence.  …  Monolithic concepts such as consciousness might break apart  …  We might well create autonomous, human-level artificial intelligence in the next few decades.  …  the most profound philosophical projects we can undertake. It is also a neglected one. /16-10-21

Arrow Of Time  …  traveling from the past to the present and into the future  …  the equations that govern reality don’t have a preference for which way time flows  …  the arrow of time and a quantity called entropy  …  It’s the only law of physics that appears to have a preferred direction for time.  …  So where does the arrow of time that correlates with our perception come from? We don’t know.  …  Nobody, in fact, understands what will. /16-10-16

Universe has ten times more galaxies  …  The observable Universe contains about 2 trillion galaxies  …  (AW: 2*1012)  …  galaxies out to distances of 4 billion parsecs (13 billion light years)  …  theorists had expected the number to be even higher  …  the current number of galaxies that actually exist now is expected to be much lower than 2 trillion /16-10-16

Precambrian Research  …  Tubular microfossils from 2.8 to 2.7 Ga-old lacustrine deposits of South Africa: A sign for early origin of eukaryotes?  …  Józef Kaźmierczak, Barbara Kremer, Wladyslaw Altermann, Ian Franchi  …  Archean eukaryotic life  …  exceptional preservation  …  to modern siphonous (coenocytic) .. microalgae  …  our knowledge of early life  …  evolution of life /16-10-16

Pabjan, Tadeusz, Anatomia konfliktu, Między nowym ateizmem a teologią nauki  …  W perspektywie teologicznej wszystko zawdzięcza swoje istnienie Bogu i nie widać żadnej racji za tym, by Stwórca miał powoływać do istnienia jedynie byty materialne, które wykazują podatność na testy empiryczne.  …  problem jest wieloaspektowy i interdyscyplinarny i w związku z tym  …  Księga Natury, z której można poznawać Boga równie skutecznie jak z tekstów biblijnych  …  Nawet dogmaty wiary, w swojej warstwie interpretacyjnej, podlegają ewolucji  …  wszechświat nie jest chaosem /16-10-14

Andrzej Wajda, Towering Auteur of Polish Cinema, Dies at 90  …  The New York Times  …  But the biggest problems he faced were the practical ones of government disapproval, and sometimes outright censorship, before Poland rid itself of Communist control.  …  He quoted Mr. Walesa himself, when he ran for president of Poland, to describe his own feelings about making the film. “I don’t want to,” he said, “but I have to.” /16-10-10

Philosophy Lost Its Way  …  institutionalization of philosophy  …  one of the enduring failures of contemporary philosophy  …  Socratic wisdom, which highlights the role of the philosopher as the non-expert, the questioner  …  development of the natural sciences, as a field of study clearly distinct from philosophy, circa 1870  …  grand unity of knowledge  …  increasing specialization  …  Philosophers could serve as
1) synthesizers of academic knowledge production;
2) formalists who provided the logical undergirding for research across the academy;
3) translators who brought the insights of the academy to the world at large;
4) disciplinary specialists who focused on distinctively philosophical problems in ethics, epistemology, aesthetics and the like; or
5) as some combination of some or all of these.
 …  Philosophy adopted the scientific modus operandi of knowledge production, but failed to match the sciences in terms of making progress in describing the world.  …  to match the cognitive success of the sciences  …  We, too, produce research articles. We, too, are judged by the same coin of the realm: peer-reviewed products. We, too, develop sub-specializations far from the comprehension of the person on the street. In all of these ways we are so very “scientific.”  …  essentially interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary in nature  …  a Philosopher ought to be something greater and better than another man  …  There was a brief window when philosophy could have replaced religion as the glue of society; but the moment passed. People stopped listening as philosophers focused on debates among themselves.  …  Like the sciences, philosophy has largely become a technical enterprise, the only difference being that we manipulate words rather than genes or chemicals.  …  to be smart, not good. It has been the heart of our undoing /16-10-10

Deep Learning Is Going to Teach Us  …  Go has officially fallen to machine, just as Jeopardy did before it to Watson, and chess before that to Deep Blue.  …  a clear signal  …  we are entirely unprepared  …  All work can be divided into four types: routine and nonroutine, cognitive and manual.  …  Big Data  …  unlike us, it can then sort through millions of images within a matter of seconds  …  Amelia .. She can learn in seconds what takes us months, and she can do it in 20 languages. .. she can put 250 million people out of a job, worldwide  …  Viv  …  These are questions we need to start asking, and fast.  …  Decoupling Income From Work  …  universal basic income  …  a car that can drive for us  …  jobs are for machines, and life is for people /16-10-10

Karl Marx  …  ideas may help us to understand the economic and political inequality  …  The new modes of production, communication, and distribution had also created enormous wealth. But there was a problem. The wealth was not equally distributed.  …  the middle class began sinking to the level of the working class  …  Marx did, in later years, speculate about the possibility of a peaceful transition to communism  …  After 1917, communism was no longer a utopian fantasy.  …  Marx had less money to waste than historians have assumed, and he accepted poverty as the price of his politics.  …  Marx was an Enlightenment thinker: he wanted a world that is rational and transparent  …  We created God, and then pretended that God created us.  …  Otherwise, like the members of the Islamic State today, we become the tools of our Tool.  …  it’s hard to know what lies on the other side of historical change  …  Thomas Piketty says about Marx  …  The Depression and the two world wars had effectively wiped out the owners of wealth, but the thirty years after 1945 rebooted the economic order.  …  Marx was correct that there is nothing naturally egalitarian about modern economies  …  Sanders’s proposals to reduce inequality are straight out of Piketty: tax wealth and give more people access to knowledge.  …  Money matters to people, but status matters more /16-10-10

Planet at its hottest in 115,000 years thanks to climate change  …  during an interglacial era, when sea level was 6-9 meters higher than today  …  the world has heated up at a rate of 0.18C per decade over the past 45 years  …  There’s a misconception that we’ve begun to address the climate problem  …  hundreds of trillions of dollars. It’s potentially putting young people in charge of a situation that is beyond their control  …  fossil fuel companies should be forced to pay for emissions extraction in the same way the tobacco industry  …  carbon dioxide levels will not drop below the symbolic 400 parts per million (ppm) mark in our lifetimes – the highest concentration of CO2 since the Pliocene era 3m years ago /16-10-07

UTOPIANS  …  Not long ago, utopianism was a mark of naiveté or extremism; now pragmatists are denigrated for complacent cynicism.  …  sordid realities of human nature  …  “Innumerable millions of human beings were killed in this century in the name of utopia,” the Polish poet Czesław Miłosz  …  dystopia .. too bad to be practicable  …  Noww the tide may have shifted  …  America’s nineteenth-century intentional communities  …  “a deficit of imagination” in our era  …  that things will only get worse if we don’t engage in some serious utopian thinking  …  “Big Oil, Big Coal, Big Agra, Big Pharma” and the “corporate vandals” who “pollute the commons.”  …  the rejection of capitalism and individualism  …  a softer version of Communism  …  1850 Oneidan pamphlet titled “Slavery and Marriage: A Dialogue”  …  society seemed like something to be invented, rather than merely endured  …  they never reached a critical mass  …  Wisława Szymborska  …  Utopias are, in the philosopher Leszek Kołakowski’s phrase, “anti-human.”  …  “Four Futures: Life After Capitalism”  …  tyranny of high expectations  …  meliorism /16-10-07

Wisława Szymborska

Wyspa na której wszystko się wyjaśnia.
Tu można stanąć na gruncie dowodów.
Nie ma dróg innych oprócz drogi dojścia.
Krzaki aż uginają się od odpowiedzi.

Rośnie tu drzewo Słusznego Domysłu
o rozwikłanych wiecznie gałęziach.

Olśniewająco proste drzewo Zrozumienia
przy źródle, co się zwie Ach Więc To Tak.

Im dalej w las, tym szerzej się otwiera
Dolina Oczywistości.

Jeśli jakieś zwątpienie, to wiatr je rozwiewa.

Echo bez wywołania głos zabiera
i wyjaśnia ochoczo tajemnice światów.

W prawo jaskinia, w której leży sens.

W lewo jezioro Głębokiego Przekonania.
Z dna odrywa się prawda i lekko na wierzch wypływa.

Góruje nad doliną Pewność Niewzruszona.
Ze szczytu jej roztacza się Istota Rzeczy.

Mimo powabów wyspa jest bezludna,
a widoczne po brzegach drobne ślady stóp
bez wyjątku zwrócone są w kierunku morza.
Jak gdyby tylko odchodzono stąd
i bezpowrotnie zanurzano się w topieli.

W życiu nie do pojęcia.

The dark universe  …  Scientists have theories about dark matter and dark energy — and some observations — but both are poorly understood
1. Is there a dark-matter particle?  …  Subatomic dark-matter particles, analogous to the particles that make up the visible Universe, would fit nicely into current physics models  …  Weakly interacting massive particles (WIMPs) are the leading candidates
2. Does dark matter interact with anything?  …  the only known effect is gravitational pull  …  dark matter seems to interact with other dark matter  …  for signs of dark matter interacting with ordinary matter
3. Does the cosmological constant explain dark energy?  …  The simplest explanation for dark energy is that there is a small force that acts in opposition to gravity  …  theory says that it is 10120 greater than that, a Universe-sized discrepancy
4. What will eventually happen to the Universe?  …  big rip /16-10-04

key to life’s beginning  …  material from the surface of an asteroid called Bennu.  …  Slowly, nothing became everything.  …  For a cell to survive, it requires three ingredients: nucleic acids, like DNA and RNA, to guide its development; amino acids to build proteins; and a lipid envelope to protect it from the elements.  …  spacecraft to an asteroid, dig up a pristine sample, and bring it back home  …  official approach to Bennu won’t begin until August of 2018 /16-10-03

Dark Matter  …  surprisingly simple relationship between the way galaxies move, and the distribution of ordinary matter within them  …  if we know where the normal matter is, we know where the Dark Matter is too  …  Dark Matter and normal matter don’t interact much  …  about how galaxies form, or about the nature of Dark Matter, or about gravity, or something else  …  That’s funny /16-10-03

natural selection of bad science  …  replication crisis  …  Sociology, economics, climate science and ecology  …  studying very complex systems with a dearth of formal mathematical theory creates good conditions for low reproducibility  …  low statistical power  …  random noise in the data appears to be a real phenomenon of interest  …  the pressure to publish is corrosive and anti-intellectual /16-09-27

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