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The world is going to university ... The modern research university, a marriage of the Oxbridge college and the German research institute, was invented in America ... well-funded institutions at the top and poorer ones at the bottom. ... The world is moving in the American direction. ... 19 of the 20 universities in the world that produced the most highly cited research papers were American. But on the educational side, the picture is less clear. ... university education is too complex to be measured ... testing 22-year-olds is harder than testing 12-year-olds. ... universities should be able to show that they have taught their students to think critically. /15-03-26

origin-of-life ... The crash of meteors on early Earth likely generated hydrogen cyanide, which could have kick-started the production of biomolecules needed to make the first cells. ... In order for life to have gotten started, there must have been a genetic molecule—something like DNA or RNA—capable of passing along blueprints for making proteins, the workhorse molecules of life. ... HCN .. H2S.. and ultraviolet (UV) light. /15-03-20

wystarczy choćby wspomnieć kompletnie bezsensowne Krajowe Ramy Kwalifikacji - Andrzej Białas, Prezes PAU do Krzysztofa Kwiatkowskiego, Prezesa NIK /15-03-19

Robots ... programming, too, will be outsourced to machines ... While these machines cannot think, per se, ... What is a social robot? .. “it’s a robot with a little humanity.” ... systems that can learn or acquire values at run-time. /15-03-18

Robot Painting /15-03-18

Where in your brain do you exist? ... does that awareness come from a broad network of neural activity? ... Focal theories contend there are specific areas of the brain that are critical for generating consciousness, while global theories argue consciousness arises from large-scale brain changes in activity. ... Consciousness appears to break down the modularity ... consciousness is likely a product of this widespread communication ... no one part of the brain is truly the seat of the soul /15-03-16

DNA editing of human embryos ... Experts call for halt in research to work out safety and ethics issues. ... Known as germline modification, edits to embryos, eggs or sperm are of particular concern because a person created using such cells would have had their genetic make-up changed without consent, and would permanently pass down that change to future generations. ... in China, for example, is currently seeking permission ... There are already a lot of dodgy fertility clinics around the world /15-03-13

Zbigniew Rybczyński, Tango, 1981 /15-03-09

From computational complexity to quantum mechanics. ... the no-cloning theorem. ... Quantum information is more like traditional economic commodities, like gold or oil or something. ... P=NP .. Can every efficiently checkable problem also be efficiently solved? /Scott Aaronson /15-03-02

The smartphone is the defining technology of the age ... It encourages renting over buying, trying out over tying yourself down, co-ordinating things on the fly rather than in advance. ... the devices really do bring people closer together. .. by ensuring that there is always someone to play a game with, ... People will live in perpetual contact both with each other and with the computational power of the cloud. ... planetary brain, telepathically shared by all. /15-02-27

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