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stan polskich szkół wyższych ... nikt nie chce przyznać, że jest głową, więc zapewne głowy po prostu nie ma. /ABBA/15-05-22

In modern science, .. we've gotten used to the idea that science doesn't offer meaning in the way that institutional religions did in the past. .. this idea that modernity puts us in a world without meaning .. may be completely wrong. ... origin story .. It's full of meaning. ... a story that has a beginning, and of course, cosmologists are trying to look beyond that beginning. ... human language is more efficient. It's crossed a threshold beyond which information accumulates faster than it's lost. .. That is the foundation for explaining everything that makes us different. ... And of course, Godot never turns up. ... universe which can blindly create interesting and complex things. That's the story. ... the word "scientism" is just science with a pejorative loading. ... science is like all philosophical traditions. ... for science to present itself as meaningful, to present itself as being as meaningful as any other great philosophical tradition, and, in addition, much more powerful because it sums over so much more information. And it's global. ... mismatch between the big story which they get from their churches, and the science that created the iPhone ... Chomsky's idea of a slight neurological change that gave us grammar /David Christian/15-05-21

The Myth of American Meritocracy ... How corrupt are Ivy League admissions? ... nearly half the students taking a Government course on the role of Congress had plagiarized or otherwise illegally collaborated on their final exam. ... The rise of a Henry Ford, from farm boy mechanic to world business tycoon, seems virtually impossible today, as even America’s most successful college dropouts such as Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg often turn out to be extremely well-connected former Harvard students. ... privileging the privileged ... Asian-Americans as the “New Jews” /15-05-21

Sometimes it seems surprising that science functions at all. ... “Why most published research findings are false.” ... false or exaggerated ... consciously cherry-picking data to get their work published ... journal publication policies ... common modes of thinking that lure us toward wrong but convenient or attractive conclusions. ... Brian Nosek .. “motivated reasoning” ... Karl Popper ... “human factors” in the collection of statistics. ... “crisis of replicability” ... Journal referees might be inclined to reject negative results as too boring ... Open Science Framework (OSF) /15-05-20

AI ... Powerful computers will reshape humanity’s future. ... The question is how to worry wisely. ... digital assistants will suggest promising hypotheses for academic research ... image-classification algorithms will allow wearable computers to layer useful information onto people’s views of the real world ... philosophers are still a long way from an understanding of how a mind might be made ... A car that drives itself better than its owner sounds like a boon; a car with its own ideas about where to go, less so. ... humans have been creating autonomous entities with superhuman capacities and unaligned interests for some time. Government bureaucracies, markets and armies: all can do things which unaided, unorganised humans cannot. ... the huge benefits from the dawn of AI. /15-05-08

New Transparency ... non-believing clergy as “canaries in a coal mine.” ... we are now entering a really disruptive age in the history of human civilization, ... compare this to the Cambrian Explosion ... increased transparency of the ocean made eyesight possible, and this changed everything ... something similar is happening in human culture ... not just religions but also universities, ... there’s a place in the world for organizations that are bound together by tradition, by music and ceremony and texts /Daniel Dennett /15-05-07

Chemistry That Led to Life on Earth ... not to build the ribose and the sugar units separately in textbook fashion, but to construct a substance that was part sugar and part base. ... The door to the RNA world had at last been opened. ... Life may still be unlikely, but at least it’s beginning to seem almost possible. /15-05-06

Richard Dawkins, This Is My Vision Of "Life" ... if there is life elsewhere in the universe, it will be Darwinian life. I think there's only one way for this hyper complex phenomenon which we call "life" to arise from the laws of physics. ... it produces machines which can run, and walk, and fly, and dig, and swing through the trees, and think, and produce the whole of human technology, human art, human music. ... at some point in history, about 4 billion years ago, a replicating entity arose, ... the great majority of survival machines are actually discrete organisms, Edge /15-05-01

In a world first, Chinese scientists have reported editing the genomes of human embryos. ... to reignite an ethical debate. ... to modify the gene responsible for ß-thalassaemia, a potentially fatal blood disorder ... Some say that gene editing in embryos could have a bright future because it could eradicate devastating genetic diseases before a baby is born. Others say that such work crosses an ethical line ... rejected by Nature and Science, in part because of ethical objections /15-04-28

Neuroscience reveals the seemingly novel fact that “we are not the authors of our thoughts and actions in the way people generally suppose”. ... the brain’s chemistry consistently determines a decision prior to our consciously making that decision. ... This is a process not dissimilar to intuition, ... Our choices may be rooted in our physiology, our genetic makeup, but out of these arises something that was once called “character”, and it is this that is the final arbiter on choice. ... Character is the complex accumulation of our history ... the absence of the idea of a free will in antiquity. In its place is the notion of the good life /15-04-28

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