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Cytaty, ostatni miesiąc (tu są wszystkie, większą czcionką)

fact-resistant humans
 …  Our research is very preliminary, but it’s possible that they will become more receptive to facts once they are in an environment without food, water, or oxygen /18-02-14

two conceptions of humankind’s place in the cosmos
 …  early 16th century, when the Polish-German polymath Nicolaus Copernicus, drawing on data from Arab and Persian geometers
 …  had great impact on our conception of ourselves and our place in the cosmos.
 …  Unlike the first Copernican Revolution, the second happened rapidly and was largely the product of a single mind — Charles Darwin.
 …  We are not even at the heart of life on Earth
 …  It is the fate of every successful species to wipe itself out — that is the way things work in biology
 …  Is it so unlikely that our species, a congeries of changelings, would be able to transform our lives to meet new challenges? /18-02-08

Paleolithic Parents
 …  According to the most recent cave drawings, children nowadays are using fire more than ever before.
 …  We adult Homo erectus, with our enlarged brains
 …  Establish clear but firm limits: Fire is nice, but there’s a time and a place for it.
 …  Remember, you’re the patriarch (or matriarch, depending on your community’s customs surrounding familial power structures), and you make the rules!
 …  For many children, fire is a harmless, pleasant addition to their lives. But for some it can become an all-consuming passion.
 …  ignoring people when they are in the same room as fire
 …  talking or thinking about fire, even when there is no fire present
 …  Anthropomorphization: talking to/interacting with the fire as if it were a sentient being
 …  introduce non-fire activities that the whole family can enjoy together /18-02-08

Reason, Humanism, and Progress By Steven Pinker
 …  Pinker’s claim about the state of the world is little more than a statistically supported version of these obvious truths.
 …  Nor does he claim that the world is wonderful as it is.
 …  the future is not guaranteed to be good unless we continue to draw on the resources of science and reason that have taken us so far
 …  climate change poses a very serious risk
 …  For Pinker, almost all that we have today is thanks to the Enlightenment.
 …  humankind could begin to address its real problems with methods that worked
 …  that led to Auschwitz, or for the loss of spiritual values that leaves us with our shallow, materialistic, empty lives.
 …  religious resistance to the secularisation
 …  resistance to scientific overreach that dismisses as useless or superstitious anything that can’t be measured and tested
 …  Anglophone prejudice against modern European philosophy .. postmodernism /18-02-06

Holocene temperatures
 …  the past 11,700 years
 …  sub-fossil pollen from 642 sites across North America and Europe closely match simulations, and that long-term warming, not cooling, defined the Holocene until around 2,000 years ago
 …  long-term cooling was limited to North Atlantic records
 …  climate models can adequately simulate climates for periods other than the present-day
 …  amplified warming in recent decades increased temperatures above the mean of any century during the past 11,000 years /18-02-01

Early Middle Palaeolithic culture in India around 385–172 ka reframes Out of Africa models
 …  385±64 .. 172±41
 …  modern humans or archaic hominins
 …  complex interactions between local developments and ongoing global transformations /18-02-01

pictorial mathematical language
 …  a new way to think about mathematics, through developing and using different mathematical languages based on pictures in two, three, and more dimensions
 …  Templeton Religion Trust
 …  Ultimately what higher-dimensional picture language does is to translate the structure of space into mathematics in a natural way /18-02-01

Steven Pinker's .. Enlightment Now
 …  clear explanation of progress
 …  reason, science, and humanism
 …  Our world today encourages abstract thought from a young age, and it’s making us smarter.
 …  a bit too optimistic about artificial intelligence .. Bill Gates /18-01-31

From the Mississippi Delta to Krakow’s old town
 …  to listen for the word Żyd—Jew—and to recognize when it was spoken in the same tone my father used when holding forth about Black people
 …  We made some of the best friends of our lives there, and I eventually found my own special spot, an outdoor café named Bunkier that figures prominently in my novel and offers fabulous views of Planty, the broad, green band ringing the Old Town. The café operates year-round: in cold weather, they lower clear plastic drop-panels and turn on space heaters. I spent countless hours there, sipping beer, reading and watching people stroll by.
 …  Somehow, I had come to belong to this country and this city, owning and being owned by them, as I had once owned and been owned by Mississippi. /18-01-31

The Europeanization of Holocaust remembrance
 …  a new Polish law that would criminalize any suggestion that Poland was responsible for Nazi atrocities.
 …  Few facts of European history appear to be as widely known today as the following: the genocide against European Jews was initiated and implemented by Nazi Germany during the Second World War, and primary responsibility for the murder of its six million victims lies with the German state and society of the time.
 …  Europeanization has to confront serious obstacles. Comparisons between Nazi and Stalinist rule – i.e. comparisons that pay due attention to similarities as well as differences – have remained something of a taboo in Russia and have not been encouraged much, albeit for different reasons, in Germany either. /18-01-31

Andrzej Franaszek Milosz, A Biography, Edited and translated by Aleksandra Parker, Michael Parker
Harvard University Press /18-01-23

evolution is more complex than we once assumed
 …  extended evolutionary synthesis (EES)
 …  whether what happens to organisms during their lifetime – their development – can play important and previously unanticipated roles in evolution.
 …  The way that genes are expressed to produce an organism’s phenotype – the actual characteristics it ends up with – is affected by chemicals that attach to them.
 …  Usually these so-called ‘epigenetic’ attachments are removed during the production of sperm and eggs cells, but it turns out that some escape the resetting process and are passed on to the next generation
 …  truly Lamarckian
 …  epigenetic inheritance pushes us to think about evolution in a different way
 …  social learning in mammals, birds, fish and insects
 …  Creationists and advocates of ‘intelligent design’ also feed this impression, with propaganda that exaggerates differences of opinion among evolutionists
 …  does all this mean a radically different and profoundly richer account of evolution is emerging? No one knows /18-01-23

Beyond Falsifiability
 …  Sean Carroll .. attacking the naive Popperazi
 …  Ellis here is making the central argument that Carroll refuses to acknowledge: the problem with the multiverse is that it’s an empty idea, predicting nothing.
 …  Carroll .. The best reason for classifying the multiverse as a straightforwardly scientific theory is that we don’t have any choice. This is the case for any hypothesis that satisfies two criteria:
It might be true.
Whether or not it is true affects how we understand what we observe.
 …  various hypotheses about supreme beings and how they operate would by this criterion qualify as science.
 …  “M-theory” is a word but not an actual theory /18-01-23

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